I didn't know that I was rong until he told me.Not until he told me did I know that I was wron

你可以去百度查啊,我只懂用not.until造句.1.I won't go to bed until I finish me homework

not until的倒装与强调结构 1.当not until位于句首时,句子要倒装.其结构为:not until+从句/表时间的词+助动词+(主句)主语+谓语+.如: ①not until the teacher came in did the students stop talking.直到老师进来学生们才停止讲话. ②not

1.I won't go to bed until I finish me homework.2.We will not leave until he comes.3.不倒装 he didn't give up smoking until he got a serious disease. 4.倒装 not until he got a serious disease did he give up smoking.5.He did not have lunch until his

1.I didn't go to bed until I finished my homework.强调句如下 It is not until went to bed that I finish my homework. 2. The workers won't stop working until it rains.强调句如下 It is not until it rains the workers will stop working.

not… until直到…才 表达的意思是"直至某时才做某事".动词为延续性或非延续性都可以. 否定句: She didn”t arrive until 6 o”clock. 她直到6点才到. Don”t get off the bus until it has stopped. 公共汽车停稳后再下车. I didn”t manage to

1. Not until we pointed out their fault to them did they realize it . 直到我们向他们指出了他们的错误,他们才意识到.2. Not until this note from his best friend, another teacher, informed me of hispassing. 直到他最要好的朋友,另一位老师,来信告之

It was not until John entered the university that he realized the importance of time.

He did not have lunch until his mother came back. 强调句: It was not until his mother came back that he had lunch. 倒装句: Not until his mother came back did he have lunch.

not until是直到…才的意思,你这句话是要说这个男孩直到他妈妈回来才去睡觉,但是我不太明白你说的come bed是什么意思,这句话可以说The boy did not go to bed until his mother came back.倒装句是not until位于居首,句子要倒装例如,Not until she came back did I know she was OK.强调句是对not until 强调,例如 It was not until 11 o'clock that he returned to his home.


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